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Faulty Hard Drive

Faulty Hard Drive

Your hard drive is a mechanical device in your computer or laptop which stores all your information. It stores your operating system, so when you switch your computer on in the morning and the interface you are using; this makes up your windows operating system.
As you use your computer you will store pictures, documents, email and programs. All of which are stored on the hard drive. Your hard drive is one of the few devices in your computer or laptop which can fail at any time. It is important to watch out for failure signs so you can get a quick and easy replacement from Birmingham Computer repair.

Hard Drive Failure symptoms

Hard Drive giving strange noises
If your hard drive is making starnge noises it could possibly be a motor failure or noisy bearings within the hard drive.
Data disappearing and disk errors
Suddenly you are losing bits of data and the machine is becoming slow and sluggish throwing up disk errors.
Your computer or laptop stops recognising the drive
If your computer stops recognising there is a hard drive attached there is a high possibility you need a new one.
Computer or Laptop randomly crashing
if your machine regularly crashes and you have to reboot your pc or laptop to regain access this is another sign of a faulty hard drive

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