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Laptop Repair Birmingham

Do you need your laptop repair in Birmingham? Here at Birmingham Computer Repairs we understand that when you are experiencing problems with your laptop that you need it to be repaired quickly but professionally. Our technicians work tirelessly six days a week in order to make sure all laptops are repaired as quick as possible. When you make the call we make it simple for you, we will arrange an appointment at your home or place of work taking out the hassle of you dropping it to us and there is no call out charge. Our main aim is to fix and repair your laptop within the hour.

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Laptop Repair Services

Birmingham Computer Repairs fix all makes and models of laptops, so it doesn’t matter if you have a seven year old Dell laptop which is on its last legs or a brand new HP laptop we will repair it.

Our services include the following:laptop repair birmingham

These are some of the more common repairs that we have dealt with at Birmingham Computer Repairs but the list goes on.

Laptop Virus Removal

Has your laptop been infected with a virus? Birmingham Computer Repairs will clean up any and all infections on your computer. In addition we will assist you in making it difficult for viruses to return.

Data Recovery

All data is stored on your laptops hard drive, this can fail over time due to physical damage to its internal and the other is software related. If any documents have strangely disappeared, pictures or videos then data recovery is required to get them back. Birmingham Computer Repairs understand that losing data can be a huge distress because of the value it can have to your, for example you may use the computer to store memorable pictures of family and friends or you have important work that needs to be handed in at your workplace the next day. This is why Birmingham Computer Repairs have made data recovery one of our priorities. With a team of experts we can assist in getting that data back for you.

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Laptop Screen Repairs

Having problems with your laptops screen, we can repair the following problems:

  • Screen is cracked or shattered
  • Screen has horizontal or vertical lines running through it
  • Various pixels have stopped working or are creating a spotting effect of colour across the screen
  • Sections of the screen are darkening or dimming, often a corner slowly spreading to the center
  • The screen is dim or black
  • The screen is a bright white

Laptop Battery Replacement

Does your laptop refuse to charge? if the problem isn’t occurring from damaged DC Jack then it sounds like the problem at had is the battery? Birmingham Computer Repairs have in stock a wide variety of laptop battery replacements so if you require a laptop repair you can rely on us.

If you do in fact require a laptop repair give Birmingham Computer Repairs a call on 0121 673 2579 or fill in the contact form.

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