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Apple Offering Refunds For This Major Problem

Apple Offering Refunds To Customersapple offering refunds

Apple offering refunds to customers? This a rare occurrence to say the least! When it comes to making faulty designs Apple are no strangers. Apple have released a refund program where you can get your money back for a very specific problem…

In this blog I reveal why Apple offering refunds to customers is the right away around this issue.

The Apple Problem

Straight to the point. Many iMac owners are experiencing issues with the iMacs screen hinge losing its ability to hold the display at any given angle. The problem with the faulty hinge includes the screen moving forward immediately instead of holding its self at the position you want.

How Has This Problem Occured?

Reports are speculating that a ‘plastic washer’ is the reason for the hinge being faulty. The plastic washer issue is tiny however the repair cost can be a large one, on average to fix the issue usually Apple would charge roughly £100. Lucky for you Apple offering refunds means you don’t have to pay a penny.

If you are in fact an iMac owner who is experiencing problems with a busted hinge the repair will be covered. To get your repair covered visit your nearest Apple store / Apple repair center.

I Have Already Had My iMacs Screen Hinge Repaired

The final issue to address with Apple offering refunds is that if you have previously had your hinge repaired and have forked out money you can still contact Apple in order to begin the refund process and get your repair cost back.

We don’t know how long Apple will be offering customers this service so it is important you visit them as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing any issues with your iMac you can count on Birmingham Computer Repairs to resolve any issues. Simply call us on 0121 673 2579.

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