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How to protect your computer from cyber-attacks?

Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks

How to protect your computer from cyberattacks?

Cyber Attacks – Are you a victim of a cyber-attack? We offer valuable information on how to stay protected from vicious cyber-attacks. Cyber attackers can target anyone and everyone including you so be prepared. The data breached from a cyber-attack has been used to blackmail people into giving money for their data to stay protected.

What is a cyber-attack?

A cyber-attack is an attack on computer systems, technology-dependant enterprises and networks. These attacks use dangerous code to alter other computer code and data. This results in consequences for the victim as their data can be exploited and cyber-crimes can be committed such as identity-theft and information-theft using their personal data.

Who are behind these cyber-attacks?

Users who want access to your general or personal information can be behind these attacks. If you work for an important company, you could be a target of cyber-attacks. People may want to alter the data on your computer or find out relative information or even bring this data to the public eye. It is possible that anyone can become a target for these cyber-attacks so it is important that everyone stays protected.

How to stay protected against cyber-attacks?

There is a list of things you can do to stay protected against cyber-attacks such as using a different password for each account you have, use important software like browser, your payment wallet apps should be updated regularly, you should avoid opening links of lotteries, prizes, gifts, discounts, you should download all software from authentic sources, avoid downloading software (executable files) from torrent sites. While using third party computers or mobiles for browsing, you should use the private/incognito mode, While using third party computers, use an on-screen keyboard while entering important details, Use a good anti-virus software suite. Also, while logging in to any site, check the URL (the one in the address bar),it should be exactly the same as the site you want to log in to and ensure the URL of the site contains HTTPS instead of HTTP.

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