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Laptop Overheating

fan on my laptop overheating

Is your laptop overheating?

Laptops have a lot inside of them and over the last five years the development of laptops has resulted in a increase in performance. The processors inside of a laptop has been increased, there are better graphics card to give a good and crisp quality image, hard drives have more to fit inside of them. All of this contributes to a laptop overheating.

A laptop will begin to overheat if the fan is blocked up, the fan gets blocked up with dust which is compacted together resulting in hard drive failures and a hot lap.

laptop fan overheating

Why Is my Laptop Overheating?

The main reasons contributing to your laptop overheating are:

  • Laptops have a lot crammed inside of them, there is not a lot of room for heat to escape.overheating laptop
  • Powerful processors are needed to allow operating systems to run smoothly, the harder the processors has to work means the hotter you laptop may become.
  • If the laptop fan isn’t working correctly then this will cause overheating due to a fault, the fan filters out the air.
  • Dust being accumulated.

Ways To Keep My Laptop Coolhow to keep my laptop cool

  • Elevation –Raise the level of the laptop.
  • Keep it cool – Take common breaks allowing the laptop to cool down, purchase a cooling mat.
  • PC Settings – Download a program to check your laptops temperature
  • Lower the screen brightness.

Birmingham Computer Repairs can find out what is making your laptop overheat and prevent it from doing so again. There can be many reasons contributing to your laptop over heating but here at Birmingham Computer Repairs we can locate what exactly is doing so. To book an appointment call us on 0121 672 2579 or alternatively fill in the contact form for a prolonged response.

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