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LG Laptops

LG Laptops

Popular LG Laptops

LG Laptops – Although you might not have heard of LG laptops they do exist. LG have quite the variety of laptops and I have got to say, they are really good laptops.

LG have a range of laptops such as the LG gram 15Z980-R.AAS9U1. This is an amazing laptop with great new features. It has an Intel i7 processor (8th gen), a 15.6 inch full HD IPS touchscreen, a 72Wh Lithium battery which lasts up to 16.5 hours, a thunderbolt 3 interface and 16GB RAM & 1TB SSD with fingerprint ID and installed with Windows 10 Home. There is another LG laptop which is called the LG gram 13Z90-U.AAW5U1. This laptop also has amazing features such as an 8th gen Intel Core i5 processor, a 13.3 inch full HD IPS screen, a 72Wh lithium battery which lasts up to 22.5 hours, 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD along with a MIL-STD-810G standard compliant. The laptop comes with windows 10 home installed.

Common Faults

LG laptops can occasionally develop faults so if you ever notice any faults with your computer such as a faulty hard drive, a faulty motherboard, a faulty power supply unit or even if your computer or laptop doesn’t turn on then call us today on 0121 673 2579 or visit Birmingham Computer Repairs . Here at Birmingham Computer Repair, we have the specialist technicians which are required to fix your laptops and we have a number of drivers who will come out to you at your home to avoid you making the effort of travelling to our shop. This way you can carry on with your day as normal where you only have to take out 10 15 minutes for us to take a look at and take your PC.

If you need a repair or a health check for your laptop or computer then call us today on 0121 673 2579 or visit us at Birmingham Computer Repairs.

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