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Low Price Laptop Screen Replacement

low cost laptop screen replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement At Low Costs

Birmingham Computer Repairs offer a laptop screen replacement service where we fit your laptop with a brand new screen. Whatever the issue may be with your laptop screen or what make and model it is we guarantee we’ll have the exact make and model in stock. With having many different laptop screen replacements in stock allows us top quickly fit your laptop with a new screen and have it returned to you quicker than most computer repair companies.

laptop screen replacement birmingham

Laptop screens become easily damaged, it only takes the slightest of knocks and you could crack the whole screen. Many issues regarding laptop screens include:

  1. Laptop display black
    If you have tried turning on your laptop and everything seems to be working correctly but the screen is black a laptop screen replacement will be required. However, before rushing into a call out make sure the connection cables are all working fine as this could in fact be the culprit.
  2. Laptop screen dim / bright
    If the laptop is variating from a dim to a bright light then the connections inside the laptop are loose. If so the LCD inverter will need to be replaced.
  3. Dots / lines on screen
    If dots have appeared on the screen then the issue at hand is most likely squashed pixels.

birmingham laptop screen replacement

If your laptop is having one of the issues stated above here at Birmingham Computer Repairs we can pick your laptop up, service it and complete a laptop replacement service where we make sure all the connections are secure and that you wont have persisting problems. If a laptop screen replacement isn’t fitted precisely then you will have problems further down the line where you could damage your laptop. For our low cost laptop screen replacement give our team of computer technicians a call on 0121 673 2579.

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