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PC Vs Mac

PC Vs Mac

PC Vs Mac

PC Vs Mac – Are you a fan of PC or Mac? Today we’ll explain the difference between the two and you can decide which one better suits you.


Many people state that you get what you pay for when it comes to a mac however statistics show that an apple computer with its peripherals is more expensive. Though Apple computers are built well with high-quality components. All PCs including their peripherals are less expensive compared to a new mac. They are also cheaper when it comes round to the customization of the PC.


Macs have fewer security vulnerabilities. They also have a lower number of viruses received compared to PCs that are running windows. These numbers can be misleading as apple computer only make up just nearly 10% of the market share. This shows that PCs have more vulnerabilities and are easier targets for hackers.

Build Quality

New mac models are known for their outstanding quality through their entire line of both laptops and desktops. PCs also offer outstanding build quality. But PCs are way more customizable from cases to internal components to monitors. This is where it is bad for PCs as they have lots of parts you can change so some of the parts can be of poor quality.

Repair costs

Apple pushes to make their product as good as it can possibly be. To do this they keep upgrading their parts and therefore when it comes to a time of repair, their repairs turn out to be quite pricey. However with PCs, they have a side panel that can be opened so it is easier to access the parts and easier to replace them. The costs between the two would be roughly the same however apple still works out to be more expensive than PC.

After reading these few sections we have discussed you can decide for yourselves whether Apple or PC suits you better.

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