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Printer Set-up

Printer Set-up

Printer set-up

Printer Set-up – Are you struggling to set up your printer? A lot of people struggle when it comes to connecting their brand new printer to their PC. We have had countless calls and enquiries about how to connect a printer to a computer or a laptop. And believe me, some of the problems they have are not so difficult to solve at all.

How to set-up your printer?

There is a lot of printers and not all of them have the same set-up method. So if you’re struggling to set-up your printer, don’t worry. We will get it sorted for you. The best piece of advice we can give you is to consult the printer’s manual. Reading the original source will aid you to familiarise yourself with the way your device works. There is more than 1 way to connect. Manual and Wireless connection. One of the first things you should think to do is install the correct drivers. If you haven’t a certain printer, that printer will have certain drivers. If you download the incorrect drivers, your printer will fail to work. To manually connect a printer you should connect your printer and computer together via the USB cable that comes with the printer. To wirelessly connect your printer you need to make sure your printer and computer are within a good distant of each other so they pick up each other’s signal. Normally you need to connect your printer to the local Wi-Fi and then do the same with your laptop. Once the printer is linked to the same Wi-Fi network, you can add it to your computer and start printing whatever you want.
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