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The 5 Most Expensive Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs

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Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs – Admit it. We all have had problems with our laptops and computer and when it comes to the big problems, it always costs big money. Today we are going to talk about the 5 most expensive computer repairs.
The first Problem with a PC is a Laptop Screen Replacement. This is one of the most expensive repairs for a PC, for a LED and LCD. Any technician can charge more than £200 easily for this task. That’s why you have to try to avoid such type of harm for your PC. Try not to place your PC in a place where it could be kicked or stepped on. And keep your laptop on a stable service so that it don’t fall over and break.

Another problem is spilling beverages. The second most expensive repair of a PC is spilled beverages. Everyone knows that electronics and water does not go together whatsoever. A computer with liquid damage is quite expensive to repair. This is because the technician has to disassemble the whole pc to clean all the parts individually so it’s best to try and avoid having drinks or tea and coffee by your laptop or computer.

A virus clean-up is also expensive. A virus can destroy all important files in just a few minutes. The cost to remove a virus can vary depending on the situation. If it is a fleet of computers it can cost up to thousands of pounds. To avoid a problem like this, update and keep on top of your anti-viruses.

Data recovery can cost you a lot. If you have a fried motherboard or a failed hard drive etc. This is an expensive service and can cost hundreds of pounds. Back-up your data regularly to avoid paying for this service.
Overheating is an expensive repair depending on the situation. An overheating PC means that the computer could fail or crash. It may not work fast. Also in some situations you could end up melting the components of the computer. To avoid this problem, don’t block the cooling vents and always give your pc a little breathing space.

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