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iMac Hard Drive Fixed In Birmingham

iMacs that have been brought from around 2012 and earlier now have little memory space. Using something called DaisyDisk can help you highlight what is eating up the space on your iMac hard drive. Removing what is the culprit is harder to do though and you may need a repair specialist in order to clear more room on your iMacs hard drive. Apple have advised the use of DaisyDisk in order for you to locate what is taking up all that room on your device.imac hard drive repair


Scanning your iMac via DaisyDisk can take a number of minutes and maybe a bit more can be very useful to you when creating new room on your iMac for documents and apps that you may not need and others that  you haven’t ever used and never will. You will see a ‘hidden items’ category and in this you should have used up to 3 – 5 Gb of data, any more you should consider creating space via a file system repair.  By using DaisyDisk as an and clicking on the Scan button breaks apart Hidden Items so you can see what it contains.imac hard drive problems

Older iMacs can only take smaller amounts of data and your imacs hard drive could possibly be full up making work and programmes slow to run. Birmingham Computer Repairs can perform a hard drive replacement increasing storage space on your imac making it run like brand new.


To book and appointment in order to create more room on your iMac call Birmingham Computer Repairs on 0121 6723 2579. Our fully qualified engineers attend regular iMac courses studying how to repair them as technology advances and we have dealt with many iMacs in our workshop including screen replacements, board replacements, iOs updates, virus removals and many more.

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