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Laptop Screen Replacement

laptop screen replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement Repair

If you have dropped your laptop for example and you have spotted a crack the best thing to do is to get in touch with a company that specialise in laptop screen replacements. The problem is even if you only have a little crack and it is disrupting your vision by only the slightest then the only way to repair the damage is by getting a laptop screen replacement.laptop screen replacement birmingham

Depending on the age of your laptop and what make and model it is the price may differ. For example if you have a new Macbook air it is going to cost you a lot more to replace it compared to having a 6 year HP laptop. If your laptop is fairly new first things first check to see if it is under warranty as if it is the manufacture may be able to replace it for you free of charge but if not then the best thing to do is to call up a computer repair business.

There are existing tutorials on the internet walking through how to change a laptop screen but it is not as simple as it seems. If you are replacing a screen and you do not fit it probably then you could very well damage the screen when taking it off.smashed laptop screen replacement

Birmingham Computer Repairs specialise in laptop screen replacements where we purchase the correct make and model of the laptop from our chain of manufacturers and will replace the screen for you making sure it is only replaced to the highest of standards. If you wish to have a laptop screen replacement from Birmingham Computer Repairs then give us a call on 0121 673 2579. All screen replacements we provide are 100% authentic and come with a one years warranty in order for the customer to be fully satisfied with the service provided.

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