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Toshiba Z20T-C2112

Toshiba Z20T-C2112 Review

This new Toshiba Z20 2 in 1 laptop/tablet is a lot of money costing just under £1250, but it really is one of the top performing tablets on the market. The Toshiba Z20T-C2112 is not just for entertainment purposes that you usually associate with tablets, it is extremely well suited to business types breaking the stereotype of tablets. Birmingham Computer Repairs looked at the key features of the Toshiba Z20T-C2112.Toshiba laptop repair

Outstanding Battery Life

Most tablets at a push will last between 5/7 hours video time before running out of battery, the Toshiba Z20T-C2112 however has a whopping battery life of 14 hours and 23 minutes when tester, so this means you could use it all day at work come home and relax and put your feet up whilst watching a film on it with still plenty of battery left to spare.

Style and Design

Its not the most creative or quirky design that a tablet has ever had as it is a business machine, its graphite metallic look really does suit the business design that Toshiba were initially aiming for. It can be removed and added to the keyboardtoshiba laptop repair birmingham.


Some key features that the Toshiba Z20T-C2112 come with includes a core m5-6Y57 CPU, 8GB of DDR3/1600MHz RAM which isn’t amazing, however as it is used for business word processing, web browsing, non-intensive spreadsheet use, and video chat is light work for the Z20T-C2112.


Solid performance for a tablet/laptop hybrid

Good input ergonomics

Glare-free matte-finish touchscreen




The Z20t is an excellent hybrid which fills both the tablet and laptop roles. It plays better as a laptop than many of the competitors on the market, and its battery life is incredible. As for the price it probably is worth it for all you get.

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