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Laptops VS Tablets

laptop vs tablet

Laptops VS Tablets – Which is the best to buy?

Choosing between a laptop and a tablet can prove to be a difficult task, both have different features and are better for different purposes.  There is no better option, it all depends on what attributes you are looking for and what you are using it for. In this blog we will compare laptops and tablets in order for you to know which is the better option for you personally.


Portability portable tablet

If you are after a laptop/tablet to use on the go your best option is the tablet, they are smaller and weigh less than laptops therefore are easy to take with you no matter where you go. Tablet screen sizes range from roughly 7 – 12 inches and are slim designed where as the average laptop ranges between  13 – 16 inches. So if you are looking for something to use on the move purchasing a tablet is probably the best option.


You probably are thinking that laptops are the better option in terms of battery life because of the size of its hardware, however tablets tend to be better for battery life. This is due to it not having to power such a large screen .

Software software laptop

Tablets software often revolve around apps compared to laptops which have a larger range of software options. If you are looking for a laptop/ tablet to use at work for example Photoshop or Adobe Fireworks a laptop would be the better option as using your finger to click and scroll could prove to be a difficult task when trying to be precise.


Laptop screens are larger and in most cases you will get a better image compared to a tablet, laptops also offer a more precise display. However, tablets pixels are compacted together resulting in a sharp and realistic image.

Storagelaptops have large storage

Tablets internal storage range from 16 – 32 Gb which is much smaller than laptops, laptops large storage average at 130 Gb.  This doesn’t take a genius to tell that for storage purposes laptops are easily the best option if you need a larger memory capacity for work purposes when managing files.


Again, in the dual between laptop VS tablet the laptop is the winner here. They provide state-of-the-art performance compared to tablets, this is a result of the hard ware packed inside of a laptop which is much greater than the one of a tablet. Furthermore laptops have better specs than meaning laptops are better for more  extreme tasks.

Hopefully after reading this article you will have an idea of which one to buy to best suit your needs, here at Birmingham Computer Repairs we would recommend purchasing a laptop over a table due to it being more reliable and can be used for most tasks.

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