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5 Simple Ways To Stop Your Computer Running Slow

is your computer running slow?

You don’t need to buy a new computer

There are many factors that can contribute to your computer/laptop running slow after time. Common issues of a computer running slow include that the PC has been infected with Malware or other viruses, your hard drive may be nearing full, a reboot may be required also a memory upgrade and a hard drive upgrade may be required .

Below are 5 dead simple tips that will stop your computer running slow up and get it back up to speed

The Quick Fix to prevent your computer running slowremove files to stop your computer running slow

Start by looking the files on the computer and deleting ones that you do not need. Your computer over the years is probably full of a load of junk, which contribute to your computer running slow, that you will not ever use again. Deleting these files can really have an impact on making your computer run more smooth. When you have deleted files they will appear in the recycle bin and therefore will still be on the computer, go through the recycle bin and then delete the contents inside of it.

Social Media

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook take up huge memory space making your computer run slow. Removing friends or unfollowing people and pages, if you use Facebook for games such as Farmville or similar that you do not use anymore it would also be a good idea to disconnect them from your account.

Photo and Video Spacedelete pictures and videos in order to prevent your computer running slow

If you have uploaded a large number of pictures and videos this can be another reason why your PC is running slow. Each photo takes up at least 3.5 megabytes of space no matter where you store them and videos hold even more.  A tip would be to create a folder at the end of the year with all the most meaningful photos to you and delete the ones that do not mean as much. Not only will this save massive amounts of memory space but it will also be able to find the photos easy without worrying about losing them


Emails take up a colossus amount of storage space, if you receive emails that you don’t need in your inbox or that have little or no relevance to you delete them. A great way to organise cluttered emails easily is to create a folder at the beginning of the year and name it ‘2016’ and put everything in there. This will not only save time and storage but it will be easy to find emails.

Have a system tune up system tune up for computer running slow

Birmingham Computer Repairs do system tune ups and will get your PC running back up to speed in minutes, we will improve the performance and back up any files and recover any missing ones, the problem with your PC could be that it is corrupted with malware. Birmingham PC Repairs will remove the malware and also download anti-virus protection for you to stop the problem recurring.

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