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Avoid These 10 Computer Scams

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Computer Scams

When taking care of your credit card number and details it is vital you do not give it out, not only can your personal information be used to steal your credit, it can be used to steal your identity, this can be very costly. Listed below are 10 computer scams that you must be cautious of.

1. Auto scam: auto scam

These scammers rub there hands when a buyer doesn’t do his research on a car or have the car inspected to check what the car is actually worth.
 Make sure you find out the history of the vehicle before you buy it, a deal might seem really good value for money but in reality you are getting a bad one.

2. Emotional scam:

Donation websites tend to pop up when a current affair in world news has took place which tends to be a disaster. Do not be drawn in by advanced websites that have features very similar to well known charity’s.
Only donate to organizations that have been previously advertised on TV or you know actually exist.

3. Identity theft:

Identity thief scam

A common issue we encounter at Birmingham Computer Repairs is when fraudsters phone up stealing the identity of big brands such as Microsoft. They will be very persuasive and may try to sell you software that you do not require or even get you to open your computer up to install malware in order to steal your identity.
Do not give access to somebody on your computer unless contact was made before.

4. Social media scam:

Is an account on Facebook or Twitter already following you asking to follow you again? These type of scammers want your personal information that is stored in your profile and often send links to open your computer to malware making the PC vulnerable.
If an account seems suspicious and they are trying to follow just turn it down.

5. Romance scam:dating scam

Make sure you can spot a ‘cat-phisher’ if you are browsing on online dating websites. Fraudsters will lure you in by offering emails and phone numbers very quickly in order to obtain your personal details. Be very careful on dating websites and don’t be deceived by peoples dating accounts, you never know who you are really speaking to!
Meet the person face to face before giving out any personal information.

6. Utilities scam:

People from utility’s near you will threatens to cut off service unless an overdue bill is paid immediately, in reality there is no bill to pay.
Utility companies NEVER do business in this way.

7. Finance scam:money scam

 The online world propose investment scams. Fraudsters join pages such as forums, chat rooms or social networking sites to gain the trust of a group. They then meet contacts in real life in order to sell their Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme is a type of scam used in order to get people to invest in a ‘cannot lose’ business in order to make you some serious money, in reality you pay a sum of money which infact goes no where.
Make sure you do no fall for finance scams that offer no-risk or guarantee returns. 

8. Sales scam:

You will receive a phone call from a operator that announce you’ve won £1,000 or other sums of money.
Do not follow through with these.

9. Big-data scam:data scam

Hacks companies’ databases and then put your personal credit information into the wrong hands.
Change your passwords every so often.

10. Ad scam:

Many online reviews that are found on the internet are fake.
Reviews can be extremely beneficial, but remember many can be fake.

Make sure you are aware about these computer scams so in the future you can be fully protected against them.



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