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iMac or Desktop?

imac or desktop which one do i buy

Working From Home – iMac or Desktop

If you work from home and you are wanting to upgrade your computer or so the biggest question is probably do I purchase a iMac or a desktop? Both have different advantages opposed to one and another and in this guide Birmingham Computer Repairs will narrow the options down hopefully making it clear to you what option is best.imac repair highgate

The main things to consider are your computer must be able to run all software you might need with ease, secondly if you are familiar with the operating system and finally can you actually afford it? An essential is having Microsoft office if you are working home, however this doesn’t really help us deciding which is the better option as Microsoft office runs on not only PCs but Macs although the windows version of outlook and excel are more powerful then on the iMac.imac or desktop which one do i buy

Apple’s prices are a barrier for many buyers. The cheapest Windows 10 laptops cost around £130, which compares with £749 for the cheapest MacBook Air. So if you have the money Birmingham Computer Repairs would strongly advice the purchase of the 21.5in iMac costing around £899, the display is magnificent and it runs remarkably fast compared to most desktops.

A final piece of advice would be Go for Office 365 which includes OneNote and Publisher.

iMac or Desktop

In conclusion it really depends what you want the computer to do, for example if you do various write ups using a basic software like Microsoft word and create a few databases via Excel then purchasing a desktop is probably the best option, however if your work life is more creative creating images for example then Birmingham Computer Repairs would advice the purchase of an iMac

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If you have any faults with your PC whether its a desktop computer, laptop or iMac Birmingham Computer Repairs can help. To book a home visit from one of our experienced engineers call us on 0121 673 2579, with years of experience mending various different makes and models of computers repairing yours should not be an issue.

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