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iMac Repair – My Mac Won’t Start Up

iMac Repair

iMacs are usually very reliable and don’t really ever fail on users, however from time to time things do go wrong, but this doesn’t always have to result in a iMac repair! There are many different ways to fix common errors on iMacs that doesn’t take a genius to fix, so instead of taking it to a repair shop or to Apple you can simply do it yourself. Here are some of the common errors that occur on iMacs:

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My iMac Won’t Start Up

If you have gone back to your Mac and it wont turn on try not to worry, it probably only requires a simple fix. To start the recovery process you need to reboot it from its Recovery Partition. Only the newer iMacs can perform this including Macs that are running on OS X Lion or later, if you have a earlier edition of a iMac simply boot it from its install DVD.

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Recovery Partition

If you are in fact using the Recovery Partition you can reboot the system by holding down ‘Command and R’, however if your rebooting it from the install DVD hold down the letter ‘C’ whilst it restarts. When your Mac has booted using the Recovery Partition, you’ll see a Utilities Window, from there select Disk Utility. If you’ve booted from a DVD, choose Disk Utility from the Install menu. Finally Click the First Aid tab and then click on your start up volume, click ‘repair’ at the bottom of that window and repair the start up disk. Now restart normally and your iMac should be back up and running.

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If you require a iMac repair similar to this and your Mac refuses to work call Birmingham Computer Repair on 0121 673 2579. Our engineers work six days a week and will never turn a job down no matter how big or small it may be.

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