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Computer Repair – Our Stock

Computer Repair – Our Stock

Computer Repair - Our Stock

Computer Repair – Our Stock – Here at Birmingham Computer Repairwe have a lot of computers and laptops in for repair and have done for a majority of the time that the shop has been opened. We have all parts for the major PC manufacturers all over the world. Whether it’s a HP or an Asus, we have it.

Laptops consist of a motherboard, DC jack, Processor, Hard drive, System memory, Screen, Optical drive, External ports, Networking, Video card and more. Computers consist of a processor, Motherboard, System memory, Graphics card, hard drive, Power supply and case.

Whatever problem you have with your PC, we can fix it. If it is a software problem we can get it done in roughly 2 days. That’s only 2 days! A short amount of time compared to other companies. If it’s a hardware problem, we have plenty of stock. We always stay topped up on our stock. Even if 1 part goes towards a repair. We will replace that part straight away replenishing our stock. This is why we don’t take too long to get your PC repaired. Whatever hardware problem it can be. We will be able to get your computer or laptop repaired and back to you with a maximum of 3 days. That’s 3 days! Are you a victim of a company who has promise a short turnover time but instead you’ve been waiting for days? Even weeks? You can trust us. We will deliver your PC back to you in a better condition than you gave us. And whilst we are at it, we clean the inside of your PC azwell boosting all performance and preventing it from overheating.

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