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Computers Explained

Computers Explained

Computers Explained

Computers Explained -In this era, computers are part of our everyday routine. Whether you use them for work, school and college or just to play games, you always use them on a daily basis. It is important to know what is inside your computer; what parts with which specifications. Knowing this will increase your ability to repair small problems and if you do have a major problem you could diagnose it yourself. This puts you in control.

The main thing in a computer is the motherboard. This is what connected every part to each other and makes them work in unison. The second most important thing is the CPU (Central Processing Unit). This is the brains of the computer. It allocates tasks for other components and software used on the pc. RAM (Random Access Memory) is used to open programs as it can store data temporarily. The more RAM you have the better the performance of the PC. It improves the performance of the PC drastically. Another thing you need is a HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or a SSD (Solid State Drive). A Hard Drive stores data. A Solid State Drive stores data however the CPU doesn’t have to look for the data as the data on a SSD is retained even with no power present. A PSU (Power Supply Unit) is essential for a computer as it provides power. You always have a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which projects what is happening on your computer on to your screen. You can also have an optical drive which reads disks etc. however this isn’t necessary.

Now if anything ever goes wrong with your computer; you can use this knowledge to diagnose the problem by relating the problem to the parts and their processes.

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