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Mac Vs PC

Mac Vs PC

Mac Vs PC

Mac Vs PC

Mac Vs PC – Are you looking to buy a new computer? Don’t know whether to buy a mac or a desktop. Don’t worry. Today we’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages with each computer.
Right, for the desktop then.

What are the advantages? One advantage is that it can be upgraded through adding components and software. This means that you can update the computer to a very high standard making it run faster, carry out complex tasks, run more than 3 to 4 programs at once without lag etc. This is a great advantage. The desktop is versatile because you can use it for both high workloads, editing and gaming etc. Another advantage is that the desktop is easy to use and understand. Anyone from the age of 5 to the age of 90 could use it. It has a simple easy to use software which allows practically anyone to use it. Another advantage is that the desktop looks stylish and you can customize the case and the components to make its performance better and make it look stylish according to your taste. Also you can pick desktops up for a fair price.

Disadvantages? There are only a few. They can be very bulky, not as fashionable or eye pleasing as the Mac. Also they take up a lot of space as you need extra peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse etc.

Now Macs. The advantages. What are they? They are one single device meaning no extra peripherals such as speakers expect a wireless mouse and keyboard. This means they don’t take up a lot of space. They run a good software which is also easy to use and the design of the Mac is very elegant and stylish. It has a great display and speakers built in so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the screen or buying speakers to watch movies etc.

There are some disadvantages. Such as the price, it is very expensive and only some can actually afford to buy one of these computers. Also there’s not much upgrading that can be done and you are limited to download only certain software on the Mac. Not being able to upgrade means you’re stuck with the same old features of the computer. And with time that can be a hassle.

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