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The Power of the Graphics Card

The Power of the Graphics Card

The Power of the Graphics Card

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The Power of the Graphics Card – Graphics cards may not seem important but they are very important and have many features that will help your computer take the stress off the CPU and even it out between the CPU and the Graphics Card. This is one of many advantages of having a graphics card. There are many types of graphics cards and the better the graphics card is the better gameplay you get and the faster your computer will be. It will also be better at handling all processes without lagging and it will be better at using more programmes at once without any hassle.

The 4 Types of Graphics Cards

There are 4 different types of graphics cards. There is an integrated graphics card. There is a PCI graphics card. There is an AGP graphics card and there is a PCI-Express graphics card. The integrated graphics card is the one which is an on-board graphics card. You haven’t installed it or upgraded it yourself. It is what your computer uses initially to display the content on your monitor. The PCI graphics card is one that is used in the PCI slots of the motherboard. These aren’t really in fashion anymore but if you want to upgrade an old PC then you’d have to buy a PCI graphics card. AGP graphics card connect to a slot on the motherboard just like the PCI cards. These cards can have 4 speeds the highest being 8x. But if your motherboard only supports a limited amount of speed such as 1x 2x or 4x, your graphics card will act as if it is clocked to a lower speed. The AGP graphics cards are not as fast as PCI-E card due to technical limits. Because of this it can’t be developed to run at higher speeds but they are widely compatible than the most cutting-edge graphics card. PCI Express cards are the most advanced graphics cards. These connect to the motherboard in the PCI-E slots and the cards can be accelerated to 16x speed. A motherboard with more than one PCI-E slot can have 2 graphics cards and combine their power to create a great gaming experience etc. however this is rare as it can cause compatibility problems.

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