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The Power of the I7 Chip

The Power of the I7 Chip

The Power of the I7 Chip

The Power of the I7 Chip – Have you ever wondered what everyone is always talking about? I3 this, I5 that, I9 this. If it has you puzzled then you are in the right place as we will be discussing the power of the I7 chip today.

A lot of people don’t know so this means that no one knows the difference between i3, i5 and i7. Ultimately i3 is the weakest of the 3 and i7 is the strongest. But don’t get it twisted. I3 is still a very powerful processor. Just not as powerful as the i5 or the i7 processors.


You can game on an i3 and an i5 chip. I3 will be enough but it might lag when you are in game play. Whereas the i5 chip will ensure good smooth gameplay with no lag. The i7 chip however is impeccable in the gaming world. When used with the right motherboard and the best graphics card this i7 chip will provide the power to deliver the ultimate gaming experience to you.

Video Editing

A lot of people also use their computer for editing videos or they use it for photo shop etc. The i7 processor delivers the perfect amount of processing power for you to edit your videos and use photo shop side by side. And it is not even the fact that you can use 2 programmes side by side. You can use as many as you want and the i7 processor will not fail in running these all together side by side without any lag or the computer freezing etc.

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