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What PC Should You Get?

What PC Should You Get?

What PC Should You Get?

What PC Should You Get? – Are you looking to buy a PC? If so then you are in the right place. Today we will be your computer buying guide. We know that you can be so confused when buying a PC. There is a lot of different components on a PC which means there is a lot to think about when buying a computer. The things to consider when you buy a computer are the motherboard, RAM, the hard drive or SSD, graphics card, power supply unit, the processor and the casing of the PC. The PC case is always one of the main things that people look at. The appearance of the PC makes a difference to all of our customers and we’re sure that it will make a difference to you just as much.

The Components

Inside the PC, you have to look at the processor, motherboard etc. You need to have at least an Intel i3 processor. This ensures that your PC can handle standard programs and a number of them at the same time without lagging or slowing down. A standard power supply unit is enough for any PC. Unless it’s a gaming PC. In that case you will require a better quality power supply unit. The motherboard doesn’t matter too much however it is good to have a newer motherboard so that the components you use can be of a better spec. For example: if you use a new board like the Asus Q87M- E then you can use a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. This is a high-end Graphics card which will take the load of the processor and even it out between the processor and the graphics card. This means that both are being used less and therefore will not develop a fault. So in conclusion better motherboard, better components to use, better performance and it will last longer.

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