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Touch Screen Laptop Repair

Touch Screen Laptop Repair

Touch Screen Laptop Repair

Touch Screen Laptop Repair – Do you have a touchscreen laptop? Is the screen currently in pieces? If so, you’re in the right place. We know how much effort it can be to find someone who can actually fix your broken touch screen for a good price. If you go to the developers they charge you way too much. Here at Birmingham Computer Repair, we have experienced technicians who have replaced touch screen displays on a daily basis. Unlike other companies we stay true to our word so when we tell you we can get it fixed and back to you within 3 days maximum, you better believe it. All our customers are satisfied and hardly ever have a problem

If you’re touch screen laptop and it looks pretty bad, our advice to you is to leave it alone. Turn off the Laptop and close the lid. Leave it to one side. The more you fiddle around with a broken laptop, the more it is going to break. And the more it breaks the less chances we have of restoring it back to its pristine condition.
Our process when fixing your touch screen laptop is simple. We come and collect the laptop off you. Then once it’s back at the local shop, we run a few tests to determine if there is anything else wrong with the laptop. Once this is completed, we will call you to notify you what is wrong with your laptop. If it is just a standard screen fault we will replace it. However, if it is more than just a screen fault, we will notify you what other problems there are and then before we go ahead and repair it, we will let you know and keep updating you throughout the process.

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