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3 Of The Best Tools For Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Data Recovery – Have you ever lost your data? If you have you probably can relate to the trouble it courses! Retrieving it can also be a problem if you decided to go about doing it on your own. Make sure you back up your documents, pictures and data on a regular basis so you don’t have to go through the troubles of data recovery. As soon as you realise you have lost your data the best advice is to stop using that hard drive as soon as possible as it will only get worst and worst.

In this guide we will go through some of the best data recovery tool that you can use to retrieve the data yourself.

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DMDE Free Edition

DMDE is definitely the best free data recovery tool. It is capable of retrieving data from many drives, DMDE isn’t for amateurs but if you can get the hang of it it can prove to be very effective. As it is a free version there are restrictions but in terms of the amount you can recover there is no limit.

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If you have accidently deleted a file or a number of files then Recuva is the tool to use. It enables you to recover documents, pictures and email. Recuva gives you two options, option 1 a quick scan which obviously is a quick fix hence the name, or option 2 a deep scan which takes much longer. All you have to do is pick that then click start.

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No, PhotoRec doesn’t just allow you to retrieve photos so don’t be deceived by the name! It works with a wide range of files as well as media, and it doesn’t just retrieve data from hard drive it also works on CD’s and DVD’s, USB flash drives, memory cards, iMacs and Linux! It has a deep knowledge helping to reconstruct lost files.



If you do not feel comfortable to use these or you feel you it is too complicated for you Birmingham Computer Repairs are at hand! We have a data recovery specialist in our team who has recovered thousands of data files. If you would like a data recovery service call Birmingham Computer Repairs on 0121 673 2579.

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