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Back Strain From Computer Usage

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Back strain from computer use.

If you work in a office where you are working on a computer for the majority of the day one thing you must avoid is having back and neck pain. If you are reading this and that sounds familiar you shouldn’t ignore this! You are causing your body discomfort which can not only distract you but it is also bad for your bones, the long term effects could lead to weaker bones. Birmingham Computer Repairs have created a blog in order for you to stop feeling this discomfort:back strain from computer use

Adjustable Chair

Now a days standing chairs are growing more and more common, but they are not good to your body. With a adjustable chair you can vary your seating position in order to put less stress on certain parts of your body allowing you to switch between a higher position and a lower one. Having a comfy chair can make all the difference! PC Repair in Birmingham

Body Posture

As you are sitting in one position for a long period of time make sure your body posture is on point instead of slouching, regular breaks should also be taken.
• Sit with a straight spine instead of slouching
• Keep your elbows at 90 degrees to help avoid nerve compression.
• Keep your arms close to your sides
• Keep your feet flat on the floor
• Relax your shoulders

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Touch Type

If every time you type you have to look at the keyboard then this isn’t doing you any justice! Every time you glare down at the keyboard you are putting strain your neck and shoulders. Learning to touch type can be a difficult process but when you have learnt it will definitely be worth the time and effort you’ve put into it. BBC Bitesize is a excellent programme to use when learning to touch type.

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These are 3 of the simplest ways to stop discomfort on your back, shoulders and neck allowing you to do computer work in peace.

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