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Rebooting Issue

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Does Your PC Randomly Reboot?

Computers can prove to be extremely unreliable when they hit a certain age, you probably find yourself saving something every five minutes due to the system crashing or the screen flickers and maybe even freezes. As technology advances we learn more about it and we adapt with it meaning most of us know how to cope with a computer when everything is running well with it but when there is a problem then its a different story. Birmingham Computer Repairs have given some tips so you know exactly what to do next time your computer acts up.

My computer keeps rebooting


‘WhoCrashed’ To The Rescue

Has your computer every shut down randomly? Or has the screen ever turned blue? The chances are this is a system reboot. If this in fact occurs you could find yourself paying a lot of money to repair the issue. The way to combat this issue is by installing a program called ‘WhoCrashed’. What does ‘WhoCrashed’ do exactly you may be wondering, well in basic terms it scans your entire PC trying to identify the problem, the chances are it will find the issue and remove it from your computer. This programme is 100% and it carries no virus so it is completely safe to use.

Reboot problem

How Birmingham Computer Repairs Can Help

Although the ‘WhoCrashed’ programme can sort out the more basic issues of computer reboots it isn’t the finished package and many of you will discover that it hasn’t removed the issue. This is when Birmingham Computer Repairs are at your service! If you require a deeper cleanse Birmingham Computer Repairs is the place to go. With a team of computer repair genius’ why go any where else?  Call us today on 0121 673 25799 for reboot problems or any other computer related issues.

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