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The 43 Inch Phillips Monitor

The ‘Phillips Brilliance’ Range

Phillips have released a new computer monitor in America, the screen size is 43 inches, that is possibly bigger than your TV! The coleus monitor has a 4K Ultra HD LCD display as well as a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160. Phillip’s have released the computer monitor in the ‘Phillips Brilliance’ range, it offers a 8ms response time.

The Phillips Brilliance Range

‘MultiView’ Function

As well as enhancing viewing angles which offers timeless viewing the monitor includes 7- watt speakers, that is pretty loud! A function that Phillips have developed named as ‘MultiView’ allows users to apply different devices onto the screen in order to multi task, so you could be playing an online computer game whilst connecting to your friends on Facebook, not a bad idea!

Philips PC Repair

For The Entertainers

The Phillips 43 inch monitor is set to allow users to enjoy entertainment to that next level. Whatever you may want out of the monitor you should be able to vastly enjoy whether you are going to use the monitor for gaming, working or anything the new Phillips Brilliance computer has got you covered.  Phillips have thought really focused on the design of this PC monitor and due to its shear size have made it so you can mount it on the wall using a VESA mount due to it taking up lots of room if it was placed on a desk top. The price of the monitor is around 552 British pounds if you were to buy it now.

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