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Linux Ransomware: Could We All Be Infected?


Linux Ransomware

Windows operating system has had ransomware luring around in the past few years, every website you click, every pop up you click and every email you open could be affecting your PC without you even being aware of it, it can be get on your system without you having a clue about it. The ‘Linux Ransomware’ is a relatively new virus, what it does is it accesses local files on your PC and then encrypts it, following this Linux will demand payment in form of a bitcoin. The Linux Ransomware isn’t very difficult to get rid of and is easy to recognise.

what is linux ransomware?

How effective is the Linux Ransomware?

Most content on the internet actually runs on Linux machines, including hosting company’s; storage files, financial reasoning’s and even maintenance reasoning’s. Linux machines are completely automated in addition to this they can become extremely venerable when being infected with ransomware. You could just click on link then before you even know it you’ve been infected, you could open an email and again the same result, Linux Ransomware can prove to be extremely deadly to you PC if it is not diagnosed and removed immediately. Birmingham Computer Repairs over the past few months have had many calls regarding this and our computer technicians have been able to save many people’s computers.

does my computer have ransomware on it?

What’s next for Linux Ransomware?

As said earlier ransomware has been infecting Windows operating systems for some years now creating millions of pounds of well over £300 million, it is now even corrupting not just Windows systems but now it is a threat to Android as well as Mac. Later on in 2016 and onto 2017 it could infect ALL operating systems, downloading the latest anti-virus software is essential in today’s world to combat not only ransomware but malware as a whole, the truth is no one is safe.

whats next for linux ransomware

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