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Will Computerised Machines Take Over The World?

Computerised machines In recent times rumours and gossip have been circulating regarding computerised machines taking over in the not so near future, studies suggest that computers will completely change the nature of work but not just work. Prototypes of cars are currently being designed where they self-drive basically meaning you can say what destination you would […]

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Can Computers Prevent Dementia?

dementia can affect anyone

Dementia Dementia, is a broad category of brain diseases that cause a long term and often gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember that is great enough to affect a person’s daily functioning, but can the regular use on computers actually prevent dementia? Computers have many functions whether its for work purposes, staying […]

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Apple Corrupted With First Ever iMac Virus

apple logo

iMac virus has been installed People who have iMacs have been immune to the threat of and iMac virus up until now. A new iMac virus which is a type of ransom ware has been created to lock users files meaning that they cannot use their Mac unless they pay the hacker a large sum […]

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Laptops VS Tablets

laptop vs tablet

Laptops VS Tablets – Which is the best to buy? Choosing between a laptop and a tablet can prove to be a difficult task, both have different features and are better for different purposes.  There is no better option, it all depends on what attributes you are looking for and what you are using it […]

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5 Simple Ways To Stop Your Computer Running Slow

is your computer running slow?

You don’t need to buy a new computer There are many factors that can contribute to your computer/laptop running slow after time. Common issues of a computer running slow include that the PC has been infected with Malware or other viruses, your hard drive may be nearing full, a reboot may be required also a […]

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Avoid These 10 Computer Scams

scam protection

  Computer Scams When taking care of your credit card number and details it is vital you do not give it out, not only can your personal information be used to steal your credit, it can be used to steal your identity, this can be very costly. Listed below are 10 computer scams that you […]

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