Laptop, iMac & Computer Repair in Birmingham


Data Recovery Birmingham

Data Recovery Birmingham Whether you are working on a business computer that you only use for work or on your personal computer valuable data in any shape or form can be corrupted over time or lost. Deleting a file which includes personal information such as passwords, bank details and credit card details which is extremely […]

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iMac Hard Drive Problems

data recovery for imacs

iMac Hard Drive Fixed In Birmingham iMacs that have been brought from around 2012 and earlier now have little memory space. Using something called DaisyDisk can help you highlight what is eating up the space on your iMac hard drive. Removing what is the culprit is harder to do though and you may need a […]

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Laptop Screen Replacement

laptop screen replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement Repair If you have dropped your laptop for example and you have spotted a crack the best thing to do is to get in touch with a company that specialise in laptop screen replacements. The problem is even if you only have a little crack and it is disrupting your vision by […]

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Toshiba Z20T-C2112

Toshiba Z20T-C2112 Review This new Toshiba Z20 2 in 1 laptop/tablet is a lot of money costing just under £1250, but it really is one of the top performing tablets on the market. The Toshiba Z20T-C2112 is not just for entertainment purposes that you usually associate with tablets, it is extremely well suited to business […]

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iMac or Desktop?

imac or desktop which one do i buy

Working From Home – iMac or Desktop If you work from home and you are wanting to upgrade your computer or so the biggest question is probably do I purchase a iMac or a desktop? Both have different advantages opposed to one and another and in this guide Birmingham Computer Repairs will narrow the options […]

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iMac Repair – My Mac Won’t Start Up

iMac Repair iMacs are usually very reliable and don’t really ever fail on users, however from time to time things do go wrong, but this doesn’t always have to result in a iMac repair! There are many different ways to fix common errors on iMacs that doesn’t take a genius to fix, so instead of […]

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Computer Repair Store Using Fake Parts

fake apple goods

London Computer Repair Owner Has Been Caught Out Computer repair store using fake parts in London, repair shop owner Faizan Haq has been caught selling and using fake counterfeit computer parts  after being discovered by Fulham’s Councils trading team. Products that were considered to be fake were all Apple products including screens, covers, chargers which […]

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Troubles With Reparing iMacs

imac repair service in birmingham

iMac Found To Be Difficult To Repair The 21.5 inch iMac comes with a classy 4K display and the iconic Apple design. The issue with iMacs and Macbooks is out delicate they can prove to be, one drop or bang could prove to be deadly breaking the screen or even worst damaging the internal of […]

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World’s Most Expensive Computer

technolody expanding UK

The World’s Most Expensive Computer – Its Here! You can grab the world most expensive computer for a whopping £9,000, but can it possibly be worth that much? Birmingham Computer Repairs look at the pros, the cons and if it is actually worth the money in any shape or form. Key Features People go all […]

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Back Strain From Computer Usage

blog to stop back pain

Back strain from computer use. If you work in a office where you are working on a computer for the majority of the day one thing you must avoid is having back and neck pain. If you are reading this and that sounds familiar you shouldn’t ignore this! You are causing your body discomfort which […]

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